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Fire Protection System Design Engineering

Deliver performance based  and coordinated detailed design of fire protection system in accordance with New Zealand fire standard or applicable international fire standard  like Australian fire standard, NFPA, UL and FM fire standards.


Fire Protection System

3D Modelling

Provide fully coordinated 3D detailed design of the following fire protection system:

- Sprinkler System

- Fire Hydrant System

- Fire Alarm System

- Deluge System

- Preaction System

- Gas Suppression System

- Fire Hose Reel System

- Portable Fire Extinguisher

Pump Room 1.JPG

Fire Protection System


Provide comprehensive performance based and detailed design fire protection specification suitable for tender and building consent application.

Fire Sprinkers

Fire Protection System

Hydraulic Calculation

Perform fire hydraulic calculation analysis to confirm pipe sizes and suitability of towns main to provide the system demand flow pressure.


Fire Protection System

Condition Assessment

Assessment of existing fire protection system to confirm design compliance and suitability for alteration/extension work on existing building.


Fire System Shop Drawings for Construction

Provide  fully coordinated and detailed formal fire protection system shop drawings for construction use by the fire contractor.

Sprinkler Plan.PNG
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